Friday, 22 June 2012

Wirral Council: How many more scandals must we have before council officers are sacked?

AN MP says he is "amazed" by claims that senior Wirral Council officers hid key information over the precarious financial state of a firm handed a major contract to repair West Kirby's marine lake.

Birkenhead's Frank Field has openly challenged Wirral Council's senior civil servants, asking: "How many more scandals must we have before officers are sacked?"

My comment: A large number of senior officers should have been sacked but appear to have got away with it. The question is why? Do they have something on the councillors?

Things are so bad there is even a petition to get the Government to take over the running of Wirral Borough Council

Read the full story from the source Wirral Globe

For more background info on the whole sorry saga browse some of my earlier posts about Wirral Council.


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